Mon Guerlain



Type: Fragrance

Brand: Guerlain

Brand ambassador: Angelina Jolie

Ingredients: Album Sandalwood, Carla Lavender, Tahitensis Vanilla, Sambac Jasmine

Price: £45 – £96


Mon Guerlain is a new fragrance by Guerlain, launched on March 1st, 2017. It’s an eau de parfum spray and is suitable for women of all age who prefers a calmer floral and sweet scent. On the first spray, you can smell the aroma of Jasmine and Sandalwood. Once settled, the remaining ingredients will reveal their sweet and fresh scents.

Eau de parfum fragrance is more concentrated than eau de toilette and should last approximately 4-8 hours. I would recommend spraying on your clothes more than on your skin to allow the perfume to maximize its lastingness because perfumes tend to stick better on your clothes. I sprayed on myself (especially on my clothes) and it actually lasted hours and hours on end, quite worth it!

I’m more of a sweet-and-younger-smell type of fragrance customer, but surprisingly I quite like Mon Guerlain. Even though it is more calm and mature, it’s definitely the freshness of Jasmine and sweetness of Vanilla and Rose that makes the perfume attractive. I think women of any age who likes to smell fresh and sweet would love this fragrance.

From this experience, will I buy a bottle of Mon Guerlain? For sure, I will.


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