Thailand (North)

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Talking about food in Thailand, it’s absolutely delicious even up north! The above photos are Kao Yum or Rice salad (ข้าวซอย) and Khnom Jeen Nam Ya or Rice vermicelli with curry (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว) which are the signature dishes of North Thailand. The recommended place for this is called Baan Suan Chom Chun (บ้านสวนชมจันทร์) in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

Another place in the city is Teentok project development centre (ศูนย์พัฒนาโครงการหลวงตีนตก). Doesn’t sound that exciting, and you guys might wonder why I mention this place for food and stay but hear me out; this place is probably one of the best resort around!

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I mean look at these gorgeous views around!IMG_4451 copy1FullSizeRender-14 copy

It’s not as expensive as expected. Even during the busy winter season, each room costs ฿2,500 per night for 2-3 guests ($72 or £58).

IMG_4450 copy

IMG_4414 copyThe recommended dish for Teentok is the mushroom chilli paste with vegetables (น้ำพริกเห็ด), you might think are people crazy eating chilli paste! They would breathe fire if they do so! Trust us, try it. It’s better and less spicy than you think.

Now let’s go a bit more up the country to Chaing Rai, shall we?

Honestly, you can’t say you’ve made it to Chaing Rai if you haven’t visited the famous Singha Park, drop by at their renowned Phu Phi Rom restaurant (ภูภิรมณ์), and taste their most recommended dishes on the menu.

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Stewed pork
The prices are within cuisine range ฿฿ – ฿฿฿ (starting from ฿200 or 250), but they’re worth your money that we can guarantee.

Next destination on this journey is this hotel run by the local at Phu Chi Fa.IMG_4437 copy

We went there during the tourist season in winter so the price was higher than usual, however even when the price was raised it still wasn’t that expensive (฿2,500 per night for 2 guests). They also served an American portion of dinner and breakfast that 3 people with Thai appetite won’t be able to finish.

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Tom Yum fish and Northem chilli paste
Another one of our favourite place to eat (we like their food more than their resort). This place owns a rice field where the produce are sold nationally and internationally, and servedto guests of Phu Ruea Ruan Mai resort (ภูเรือเรือนไม้รีสอร์ท).

I swear to God hotels and resorts’ price in the northern part of Thailand is universal because every where we stayed charged ฿2,500 a night.

Shall we continue?

Rice Vermicelli with curry is a must-eat dish, and we couldn’t get enough of it so we decided to make a stop at another famous place called Sarat Kanomjeen in Phetchabun province.IMG_4420 copyIMG_4421 copyIMG_4422 copy 2 copy

Rice vermicelli can be ordered in 6 – 12 rolls, and curries come in 3 different flavours and levels of hotness. The least spicy one is the one we love out of all (the lightest colour) which contains more coconut milk than others; might be a perfect choice for customers with taste buds that tolerate the minimal amount of chillies. These are eaten with fresh veggies such as sprouts, cabbages, and green beans that can be refilled for free at the restaurant’s buffet area.

Also, can’t forget a sausage platter with 3 types of northern style sausages that are de-li-cious and comes with fresh vegetables.


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  1. I love the food in Thailand. Looks like you had a delicious adventure!

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