Best Padthai in Thailand

Click down below to watch our visit to the restaurant!

You really can’t say that you have been to Thailand if you haven’t had even one plate of Padthai! Or what I’m saying is EAT THE PADTHAI because it’s the national and signature food of Thailand!

If you don’t know where’s good, well.. you’re about to know!

FullSizeRender-14 copy.jpg

Thipsamai restaurant has two branches, one in Bangkok and one in Nakhon Pathom province. It is pretty much legendary, not only for its amazing food, but also for the time it’s been opened for. Local people said that this place has been opened since before the World War II period (damn that’s ancient).

They’ve been serving only padthai, and still do until these days (only a minor to the menu by adding pork satay). The food is tiny bit more expensive than what you would pay at night markets by like… $1.1 – 1.7 (each dish at Thipsamai costs about $2 – 2.6 (70 – 90 baht), which is still cheap!, while markets sell them for $0.9 each).


The one above is the original dish, and we sure tasted the amazingness in our mouths! I, of course, don’t really know how to be normal so I ordered the padthai wrapped with eggs.


Did not regret the choice one bit!

Weirdly their orange juice is pretty much twice more expensive than the actual savoury dish… I’m going to explain why!

They made it fresh and every single drop of orange juice is from freshly squeezed organic oranges, and it tasted like HEAVEN in one bottle! You actually get bits to treat your greedy teeth in it.

The staff were really welcoming and nice to each customers, you literally got thanked by the whole store when you’re leaving which leaves you with such a pleasant home-like feeling!

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