6 Things to know before coming to Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most visited places in South East Asia because of its fascinating culture, delicious food, great weather, and cheap things. However, just like anywhere else in the world, it’s good to have an awareness of what the country you will visit is like, even just a little bit. So here are things to start off with.


1. Utensils

When you go to restaurants, you will be provided mostly with forks and spoons because that’s how Thai people eat apart from using hands or chopsticks. This also allows you to enjoy the food with bigger bites!

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2. Food taste more authentic not at the attraction areas

Yes, this one is not known by many tourists because only people who know the authentic taste of thai food will be aware of this. Restaurants, especially the ones with ACs, try to adapt to a western style as it is more tourist friendly, because sometimes tourists don’t eat spicy or their taste buds can’t take too much spices. So if you want to try a more authentic taste, find restaurants that are further from the attraction areas because those places target the local eaters, therefore the food would be more spiceful. However if you cannot be bothered to do this (it’s really hot in Bangkok so I don’t blame you), go for the ones that don’t provide ACs. It might be a bit hot but nothing can beat tasty local food!

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3. Dress appropriately

Thailand is very strict when it comes to dress codes when entering temples. Theyre so strict that they put up signs saying that you can’t enter if you wear certain clothing. If you genuinely can’t find one, the temples will let you hire out some of their long skirt which costs the same amount as when you buy one from around the area. So if you’re planning a visit to any temples like Wat Arun or Wat Phra Kaew, prepare something that will cover your shoulders and knees!

4. 7-Eleven

There are streetfood everywhere in Bangkok, but that’s not the only thing that this city has a lot of. It’s 7-Eleven! You can find it nearly every corner. Apparently, there are over 4,000 7-Eleven stores in Bangkok… this really indicates that you will never ever go hungry when you’re here!

5. Mosquitoes

You might find yourself constantly clapping the mosquitoes or having bites on your skin, because Thailand is a tropical country (hence why there’s so many mosquitoes!). They come out mostly in the night time.. but don’t think you won’t get bitten during the day cause you will! When you go to parks such as Lumphini park that is surrounded by lakes and forestation, you will run yourself into insects like mosquitoes even when sun is out. So to avoid getting bitten, I suggest you buy repellent that can be bought easily from 7-Eleven.

6. Buy water

You would probably think, tap water works too! Why would I have to pay for water? The answer is water from the tap in an Asian country, like Thailand, is not clean enough. Besides, carrying a bottled water will also save you when you’re walking in a hot weather. Also, when you go to restaurants and ask for tap water, they mostly won’t really provide you with one; instead, they will hand you a bottle of water.

14 thoughts on “6 Things to know before coming to Bangkok

  1. Very useful pointers for visitors to Bangkok. The one about authentic food is really spot on. In most places to get a feel of the authentic cuisine, one needs to eat where the locals do. Bangkok is really a very vibrant and warm place with people who are very hospitable, we had a great time when we were there.

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  2. Great tips for Bangkok! Its a city that has been on my bucket list for a while. I think your tip about finding better food away from attraction areas can be applied pretty much anywhere else too!

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  3. Great tips! We hardly saw any chopsticks in Thailand – we were told that the locals only use them for Noodle dishes and traditionally use a fork and spoon for everything else. It is the tourists that have perpetuated the myth everything is eaten with chopsticks!

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