Restaurant in one of Thailand’s tallest skyscraper

When you visit one of the most lively cities in the world, it’s hard to hold back the urge of seeing the city’s night view from one of the tallest skyscrapers! That was totally me, however the city view is not the only thing you can find at the top of this skyscraper called The State Tower!

This whole experience was unintentional as I was only there to grab something for dinner while enjoying a rooftop view, but it ended up being one of the most unforgettable moment of my life, and I believe it would be for anyone’s!

I booked a last minute slot at this restaurant called Mezzaluna, The Dome, as it is recommended by numerous travel sites. During the phone call booking, I was advised to dress however I desired, as long as I’m not wearing flip flops or anything exposing my feet. For men are long pants, a t-shirt and sneakers are acceptable. It didn’t even come to my mind that this restaurant might be a very fancy one as their dress code is quite casual, so I thought maybe it’s just another ‘fancy’ place. Once I got there I felt very out of place as it was nowhere near my expectation.


This was the place! And once we walked, there were four musicians playing cellos and violins by the reception area; and we were greeted from the second we went into the building (from the 1st to 65th floor, and from in front of an elevator to our table)!

First thing that came to my mind was… why is this place so luxurious?? My dad and I felt so out of place as we dressed accordingly to the dress code but very casually.


However even regarding the clothes we were wearing, the service remained exceptional!

Their service was beyond anything, just imagine in Hollywood movies when they go out for an extremely fancy date at a restaurant where waiters practically do everything for the guests, from pulling chairs for them to sit to tucking chairs every single time the guest leaves the table to bathroom or go out smoking. Most restaurants you would have to look and wait for servers for couple minutes to be able to order or pay, but here you barely have to wait even a second because they always ensured that at least one server paid attention to your table at all times. 1122.jpg

The most recommended things to order on the menu is their 5 or 7 course meal! A 5 course meal costs $200, and 7 course is $230 which comes with a wagyu beef and an additional dessert dish.

Yes they are tiny, everyone would say that even with five dishes it won’t satisfy any hungry souls… My dad and I strongly disagreed with that statement!

Each one of their dishes was so full of flavour and things that just fill you right up. I would want to tell you which dish is what but there are approximately more than 5 exotic ingredients from 4-5 different countries in one dish that I doubt anyone would be able to remember, unless you are professionally trained!

And five course somehow became eight course meal, as the chef kept serving us more chef’s specials for free that our stomachs nearly exploded! He gave us two extra appetizers and a dessert.

By the way, the chef at this place is not a regular 5 star chef… because he is the winner of the Iron Chef Japan, a tv show that is pretty much Master Chef founded by Gordon Ramsey but in an Asian version, and his name is Ryuki Kawasaki.


We were so glad that they were nice enough to let us go into the kitchen area and took pictures with the gourmet chef!

His food was so delicious you would be blown away by its rich flavour! Even for someone who’s a hard-to-please or picky type like my father, they would still have to surrender to this!

Once finished with the food, we were given some souvenirs which were couple small jars of spices the chef used in his food!

Also, if you want to see Bangkok from outside the window view, you can ask to gain access to the Breeze Bar area where people can fully see this gorgeous view!

Was this experience such a rip off? Yes! But it’s definitely worth every dime as the service and food were exceptional! However I wouldn’t suggest do this often if you’re a backpacker like me… unless you’re loaded or wanting to treat yourself with some luxurious experience, this is the place for you that I highly recommend!

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant in one of Thailand’s tallest skyscraper

  1. wow looks like an amazing dinner! It would also be worth it to go just to get photos of that amazing view! Am going to bangkok in december so will have to check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely should check it out! There’s also book the bar if you don’t feeling like staying inside the restaurant!


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