Summer dresses (Fashionapolis)

Summer is when girls are on a search for dresses that are comfortable enough to wear when it gets hot and colorful or looks nice enough for Instagram photos or generally any photos, especially when they’re packing up for trips!

I was one of those girls, seeking for dresses that will really enhance my travel photos for my upcoming trip, and found these from Fashionapolis

The ones that I got and really recommend are…

This strapless gradient chiffon dress! With its beautiful color gradient, it makes this dress so perfect for beach photos, especially when its color matches the color of the gorgeous blue ocean/beach water! It also looks really nice with a bikini underneath!

And this chiffon spaghetti strap backless dress! This one is really bright and colorful so you don’t have to worry about yourself being drowned by the background when taking travel or landscape photos!

Both of the dresses are made from chiffon fabric that is suitable for hot weather so there would be less sweating and makes you look absolutely stunning 24/7! I wore this in Thailand when it was 30 degree Celsius and I barely sweat eventhough I usually sweat very easily.

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4 thoughts on “Summer dresses (Fashionapolis)

  1. If I wasn’t broke, I’d buy a couple! Haha, you look really nice in those dresses. 🙂

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    1. Haha I’m pretty broke too as all of my money is used for my trips! Thank you! 😃

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  2. The colours of the first dress are mesmerising ❤

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