Spend less than $9 on food in Bangkok

Main things that cost people a lot when they’re on trips are accommodation, transportation and food. Sometimes food can be pretty expensive; for instance, €39 ($45) per dish in Paris.

Therefore, street market is the best option as you would get cheap and delicious local food! This time we’re limiting ourselves to 300 Baht or nearly $10 to see what we can get for that small amount of money.

Here is called Aot Tor Kor market, located near the central area of Bangkok (which can be reached by a tuk tuk, taxi, or a bus), where you will get the best and cleanest local food around as they only select the ones with great quality products (so you won’t have to worry about food poison). The price is a tiny bit pricier than ordinary street markets, however it’s still very cheap!


From this place we got a meal for $2.29 with 2 choices of things to go with rice, but it was so difficult choosing just two when you’ve got more than 20 options!


If that still is not satisfying enough for your stomach, you can walk around for more snacks or food. We had a walk and settled with a crispy and delicious roti for $1.14,
these 5 delicious desserts with 3 different fillings for $1.71,


a coconut shake, an herbal drink or a bottle of juice between $0.86 – $1.42,

And papaya salad for $1.86.


This whole day was really satisfying and we spent only $8.42! You would probably think that we didn’t order that many things but believe it or not the food in Asia is actually a lot more filling than western food as they contain more spices and other ingredients that make you full easily!

Also, this market is known for its fresh vegetables and fruits as it was established to promote agricultural products in Thailand. The most recommended ones that you can only find around May to August are mangoes and durians (king of fruits as people would refer it to!).


So if you’re looking for a place to eat where your wallet and stomach would be happy in Bangkok, this is the place!

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