Ngong Ping & the Big Buddha 

One of the most visited places in Hong Kong is none other than Ngong Ping 360.

‘Ngong Ping’ for the name of the village located on the island of Lantau which can be reached by a cable car that gives you the ‘360’ degree view of Hong Kong, including the international airport.

You can also take a bus for 45 minutes from Tung Chung train station, but honestly why would you go for a bus when you can see this gorgeous sight! Getting to where the cable car is in Tung Chung station is really easy, just have to take 2 trains (heading to Tsuen Wan and then Tung Chung). Although the website of Ngong Ping says it’s opened at 7 am it doesn’t mean the cable car is opened at that time as well. The cable car ticket office opens at 10 am, you won’t be able to access the building as they have barriers blocking the elevators and escalators. However if you do arrive early, you can always hang around at the outlet nearby and grab things to eat at cafes.

ngong 4.jpg

The prices for the return tickets are $185 for a car without a glass floor (normal) and $255 with a glass floor (crystal clear). Each ride is about 25-30 minutes. Just a heads up that no matter how early you arrive at the ticket office, you won’t be the first or even the hundredth on there because this place is always packed with tourists. The only time when it’s less crowded would be after 3 pm (however the closing time is 6 pm, so look out for the time).

ngong 6.jpg

And fun fact, apparently this cable car is one of the top 10 world’s most amazing cable car ride! Another reason to put Ngong Ping 360 on your bucket list!

Once you reach the place don’t forget to stop by at Ngong Ping 360 restaurant as they’ve got the best dim sum around!

ngong 1

We never got a chance to order but literally every table ordered sweet and sour chicken, so try it and let us know!

ngong 2

ngong 3.jpg

From there to the Big Buddha is about 20 minutes walk and 268 steps of stairs away.

This monument should seriously be on everyone’s must-see list when they plan a trip to Hong Kong. It’s such an incredible sight to see the massive and majestic creation that makes you feel so small standing close to it (the Big Buddha is 34 meters, approximately 112 ft, tall!).

ngong 7ngong 8

One thing that I recommend doing is staring at the Big Buddha for 30 seconds, it would look almost like the monument is moving because the movement of the clouds. I tried it and I was shocked for couple seconds until I realized that oh the statue is not moving!

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2 thoughts on “Ngong Ping & the Big Buddha 

  1. Wow, I’d love to take one of those cable cars pictured! What a glorious view. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When you get a chance you definitely should try it! No problem, glad you like my content 😄


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