Little things to know about Koh Samui

From my last post What is there to do in Koh Samui?, you will find recommendations about things you can do in this Island. Now, I’m going to tell you what the place is like excluding its attractions.

1. Public beach is hard to find

samui 16.jpg

One thing about Koh Samui is that it’s full of resorts and hotels, and those places pretty much take ownership of certain areas of the island’s beach so it can only be accessed by their customers. There’s one way you can access the nice beach area for free is by keep strolling along the shoreline until you find the spot that you like.

If you want to enjoy a little beach time in a lovely spot, staying at hostels won’t provide you that opportunity.

2. No cars? No problem!

On this island, there are countless number of motorbike rental shops where you can rent a motorbike from $50 a day.

If you don’t like walking too much then this is a great option to explore the place! Even if you love walking, it’s also a fun option because who doesn’t like traveling on a motorbike!

3. It can take you maximum 2-3 days to see the whole island

We had a car so it took us legitimately a day to explore the whole place. ONE DAY with a relaxed itinerary. But if you’re walking it might take you a day or two extra.. that’s about it.

Koh Samui doesn’t have much to offer, as the water near the shore is not as clear, unless you buy a diving or kayaking tour. This island is more of a place for people to relax in their hotel rooms, walk along the beach and enjoy the liveliness of the streets at night.

One more thing that can extend your itinerary is by taking a diving course which can take up to 4 days.

4. The water has two splitting colours

samui 15.jpg

When you’re on the shore, you will see the two colours splitting the water. Those colours tell you the deepness of the ocean; brown or less clear means the area is shallow, and blue or turquoise means the area is deep.

You might be able to see something similarly to wooden spears stood up from the shore to where the water is green… those are used by locals to indicate where the water gets deep.

5. Be prepared for an expensive stay, if not staying in hostels

Like I mentioned in #1 that Koh Samui is both full of and well-known for its resorts or hotels; therefore it’s not a surprise that the accommodation fee will be off-the-roof expensive. I’m talking about $330+ a night (at least that’s what our research that we did before the trip indicates)!

6. Watch out for the weather around June to July or even August

This applies to Thailand as a whole as Western’s countries summer is Thailand’s rainy season. Even though South East Asian countries are hot and sunny, they’re also known to have storm hitting them harder than usual during this period, and islands are the ones affected by the storm the most. When out in the water, the waves can get pretty crazy (crazy enough that sometimes it can flip the whole tourist boats upside down!)… so be very cautious around this time of the year!

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