A tour guide around Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport is known as the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. It’s not much of a surprise as it’s the main international airport and the biggest one as well! There are in total of 5 terminals, which can be reached by the free express train of the airport.

Just warning you about one thing, this place is absolutely massive. If you ever have a thought that you can easily see the whole airport in less than 2 hours… THINK AGAIN!

So I’ve put together a mini tour guide around Heathrow for anyone who either will have a layover there, take off from there or arrive in this airport!

Terminal 1

This one is now deserted as it’s been disused since 2015, all flights have been transferred to Terminal 2 as technology inside terminal 1 is no longer able to keep up with more developed technology of the rest of the airport. It’s too bad that it was closed down as this terminal is the oldest one of Heathrow airport; it was opened in 1968!

The disclosure also explained the reason why Heathrow express train never stops or mentions a stop to the very first terminal.

Terminal 2

When you take the express train, it will say it stops at Terminal 2&3. The reason why it says that because it stops right in between both terminals where you will find a split way that will lead you to either one (which usually takes about 5-10 minute walk).

People come to this area of the airport mostly to take coaches (such as National Express) and buses to reach other areas of the UK. These public transports can literally take you to anywhere (including the very down South part like Cornwall).

Terminal 3

It’s a bit funny that their gates are in alphabetical order but yet you can’t find a letter B in between gate A and C! Anyways… beside that part, it’s quite a big terminal as each gate has got its own separate area away from each other. Some are dedicated to only particular airlines such as gate A is dedicated to only Delta airline and gate C or D is only for British Airways.

Terminal 4

In order for you to get here you have to take the train to terminal 2 & 3, then head over to the platform across to catch the ride to terminal 4 instead of going on just one journey to the destination.

This terminal is used for mostly short drop offs either by taxis or cars. Near the front gate there is a parking space if you’re looking to park your vehicles for longer (unfortunately it’s not free of charge).

Inside the place consists of check-in spaces. If you walk to the right to the end of the terminal, you would see hotels like Hilton hotel and Premiere Inn (which locate couple minutes further from the building itself).

Terminal 5

This one is more luxurious than others as they’ve got shops like Chanel, Burberry, Armani, and countless more expensive brands that you can think off.

And their departure or check-in area belongs to none other than British Airways. When you get there you will see how much they adore their national airline; there are SO MANY check-ins, literally from gate A to G or further is British Airways’ check-in tables! The rest (on the right hand side) is for their first class and business class.

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