Take photos in London without having to fight with the crowds

Capturing photos on your travel is always a must, but at times it can be difficult as you would run into people. There will be number of times when you would get a person in your photo and you thought to yourself if that person wasn’t there it would have been such a great photo!

We encountered the same situation, therefore we try our best to come up with ways to avoid having to line up at certain spots for so long or capturing photos with people blocking the view. 


There is a spot, when you’re approaching the Big Ben from the central area of London on your way from Westminster Abbey, that’s got a phone booth with a view of Big Ben behind it. It’s such a perfect spot but the line of people waiting is just ridiculous. 

If you like taking your time to get a good photo, there is a spot that allow you to do so.

You need to be a little more adventurous, there’s a small barrier wall right beside the phone booth. In order for you to get the photo like the one we took above, it would require someone to climb on top of the barrier to the very end where a lamp post is and the other person would be on the normal ground level. 

The camera person can be on the barrier as well but you would get the pole right beside the spot blocking the Big Ben.

You might get a little stare from people walking by as it’s not really a normal thing to do… but if you don’t like crowds and you want nice photos… you have to do something out of the norms. And trust me, after a while people will start doing the same as you!


This one locates below the bridge across where London Eye is. As you’re walking down the stairs you will see a path that leads you to a tunnel. WARNING: it’s a bit smelly!

The way to take this shot is by having the model (or your companion) standing away from the tunnel where there’s no shadow, while the other person is inside the tunnel.

And again… after 30 minutes of doing something different people started coming in as they saw that this spot might get them quite nice photos!


This photo is confused less on a spot but more on an angle. 

The spot locates on the side of Westminster Abbey, right in front of the Westminster souvenir shop. In order for you to get this shot and the whole cathedral in you have to literally be on the floor and be quite away from the cathedral (near the pedestrian crossing light). It requires a bit of an effort but it’s worth it!


Mayfield Lavender is becoming more well known to tourists as it’s got a beautiful field lavender as far as your eyes can see! 

It’s beautiful for when it’s sunny or when the sun is either setting or rising. However, if you don’t want people in your photo and don’t mind getting a bit wet… then mayfield lavender when it’s raining is a good idea.

My friend and I didn’t mind one bit as we really wanted to get the photos with the lavender field, and it happened that the day we went it was pouring rain. However, the pictures turned out quite cool as the rain doesn’t appear in any of our shots.

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