Exploring spirit of the sea in South UK


Even though it is September, it doesn’t mean we all have to put our backpacks or suitcases away because you can always go around and explore what your backyard has to offer!

In my case it’s in the town called Falmouth, locates in the county of Cornwall (or the South West of England).

Falmouth is about 7 and a half hour train ride away from London… so what is there to do over there?

This blog focuses only on Falmouth and a city across it; you will get to see the rest of Cornwall soon on both my Facebook page and on this blog (stay tuned!).

#1 Gylly Beach



This one is not much of a surprise since half of Falmouth town is surrounded by the sea, so it’s a no-brainer that your first stop has to be its signature beach… Gylly!

You can easily walk there from the town centre because it will only take you 15 minutes, it’s that close. What people really love to do there include enjoying a meal at Gylly beach cafe, socialising with friends, fishing (yes some people go fishing there, but this has to be a tiny bit further away from the beach cafe area), having a bonfire evening as they’re watching the sky turns dark, and surfing.

If you fancy to go for a surf, there is a surf shop nearby so you can always rent some. WARNING: the water is really cold in Cornwall, so to avoid getting a cramp in the middle of the ocean just rent out or bring a wetsuit!

PS. Go to the beach near the sunset time because the sky is pink and beautiful, and if you can have a bonfire night there too… your life is basically complete.



#2 Town centre


After a dip in the water or a nice day sunbathing, you can always walk down to check out what’s around the Falmouth town and have a nice meal. Just letting you know that the food in Cornwall is very different from London and the cities around there as nearly every restaurants or cafes in Falmouth (and the rest of Cornwall) serves really DELICIOUS food. I’m not even going to promote any restaurants because they are all amazing at cooking, totally giving them 5 stars!

#3 Pendennis point


This place is absolutely beautiful, it is where you get to see the view of the gorgeous blue and clear water and the sight of Falmouth all at once. It takes about 30 to 44 minutes to walk there, and approximately 15 minutes to drive.

There are two paths to the place: the first one you turn left from Gylly beach which is takes less time (it suits anyone who just wants to get there and that’s it), and the second one you turn left when you reach the end of the town where the intersection to get to Gylly beach is (it takes a lot longer to get there but you get to enjoy the views and discover so many spots you never knew exist in this town; suitable for someone who loves walking).

It’s also very windy and can get quite cold, even though it’s summer don’t forget to bring a thin jacket with you.

#4 St. Mawes

There is this town about a river gap away from Falmouth (it’s a big river gap; big enough for the boat to take 15 minutes or more to get from Falmouth port to St. Mawes port).

You can purchase the ticket at Fal River for £7 (single) or £10 (return).

St. Mawes has got quieter beaches… because lots of them are closed for private properties. It’s not as open to public as Falmouth, but you can definitely enjoy the quiet time there. Not sure if you’re meant to do this but I’m going to tell you anyway.

St. Mawes is like Koh Samui; you have to be a customer of a hotel or own a house to gain access to the beach spot, so basically you can’t see much of the beach… unless you walk your way to those private spots! It takes a bit of a walk but since the whole island’s beach is all connected, you can easily take a long stroll and settle in one spot once you’ve found the one you’re happy with.

It’s absolutely fine and no one can kick you out of the area as long as you don’t enter the property area.

Once you’re done with the beach, don’t forget to go for a little hike pass the city as they’ve got this hidden flower field where you can see the view of the ocean from above… it’s so pretty!


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