What to pack with you to Cornwall?

If you’re planning to visit Cornwall soon, I would like to say that you made a wonderful choice as long as the trip will take place in the summer (because UK and its rain…). This county is absolutely beautiful and its natural attractions provide you with various activities to do while you’re there. However, Cornish or UK’s summer is a bit different from the rest of the world’s summer so it’s good to prepare yourself well by packing the right stuff.

1. Waterproof jacket or raincoat

Even though it’s summer, the UK still has no mercy on its weather. The reason why an umbrella is not mentioned because Cornwall is surrounded by ocean and it’s located by the coast which means your umbrella won’t survive for longer than a day as the wind is aggressively strong… so strong that it can easily push you to the side especially when you’re on a coastal hike or walk (so for your safety… try your best not to walk too close to the edge of a cliff).

On the other hand, a raincoat or waterproof jacket is a literal life saver because not only it protects you from getting cold and wet, it also stays with you like a best friend and protects you like a mother when the wind hits you hard (thank god for the creation of these clothing).

2. Suitable footwear

One thing that travellers (like me) don’t put much thinking in when they start packing for Cornwall trip is the footwear. This county has everything from beaches to hills, and country sides to smaller cities; this means you should bring shoes that are good for various ground conditions.

The most popular activities to do are hiking or doing a coastal walk and spending time at the beach; therefore, pack some are trainers, or hiking boots (if either trainers or hiking boots can be waterproof that is a bonus, bring them!), and sandals.

3. Cash

This might not be the case for cities like Falmouth, Truro and Newquay but for the rest of Cornwall.. it’s good to have some cash in your wallet because local shops sometimes don’t have card machines.

One example was when my friends and I were in St. Ives and we decided to rent some paddle boards and wetsuits at a local rental shop near the beach. When we got to the shop, they said to us that because they’re a small shop they don’t have access to a card machine… so we had to walk back to town a bit further from the beach to withdraw some cash out.

Lesson definitely learned… bring cash!

4. Water bottle

This one is quite important especially when you’re on a walk or hike, because sometimes you won’t find a local shop until the town next to the one that you’re at or for another couple miles. It’s convenient to carry a water bottle when you’re thirsty and in need of hydration.

5. Waterproof bags

UK is known for its rain (sighs), so it will rain at any given time without a single warning. Since the umbrella won’t be helpful (as mentioned in #1), your bags and other belongings will be completely exposed and have nothing to protect them from rain. This is why it’s important to get yourself a waterproof bag or backpack (saying this from experience because it sucks to get to another hotel with wet clothes in your bag).

It’s especially great when you’ve got electronics with you so they can stay dry and protected cause there’s nothing worse than discovering that one of your devices is broken on your trip.

6. Beach towels

Bring some towels if you’re planning to hit the beach… but honestly why wouldn’t you! This county is known for its coasts and beaches so it would be such a shame if you don’t spend at least a day at one of Cornish beautiful beach (highly recommend St. Ives).

7. Portable charger

Everyone seriously should start carrying a portable charger, it will save your life since you don’t know when you’re going to need it. If you’re going on a hike then the charger is more essential than ever because it’s sometimes hard to predict how long your hike is going to take to walk your destinated stop. It’s such an important item to carry when you’re on a trip to anywhere in general, or even in your everyday life since phones these days have much shorter battery life than when Nokia phones was a huge thing.

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