Travel Essentials: things you don’t really think about!

Passports, phone chargers, cameras, clothes… and a long list of travel essentials you can name. Those things really are travel essentials because they are so important, however there are couple more items everyone tend to overlook when packing their bags… well we are going to open your eyes (hopefully) to the items that might save your life on your trips!

#1: Portable charger

Yes, the item that saves your mobile device’s life when it’s about to die. It’s not a very common thing to bring because travellers don’t tend to use their phones or buy themselves SIM cards when travelling abroad, but one thing to remember is that phones battery life for phones these days don’t last as long as the good old invincible Nokia that doesn’t die even though you haven’t charged it for a year (maybe that’s a bit exaggerated but that was done to make my point!).

Also millennials or anyone nowadays would race for their lives to any wifi spots to use the free connection, and using your phone to update photos on Instagram or Skype your friends from home will kill the battery faster than anything! When it’s in the danger zone of 1% battery, you might not find a socket to plug your charger with, that’s why carrying a fully (or even half) charged portable battery is essential; you can just plug it and continue on with your day… simple! You can get one from the price of $10 – 100, might as well just grab yourself one!

PS. It is recommended that you buy yourself a big portable charger, as you don’t have to charger it that often and it lasts so long because you might be so busy admiring the country that you forgot to think about charging it!

#2: Extra camera battery

Everyone who travels now own some sort of cameras, whether it’s a GoPro, professional camera or a compact one. We all get really excited and just want to capture everything we see to keep it as memories that we will remember even after years of visiting the place, but you can really capture every single thing if you have to worry about your camera’s battery running low.

Just like your phone, it’s always important to have a backup battery for the sake of your convenience. This is also a life saver for all travel bloggers, content creators, and photographers out there because you guys need to have your camera ready at all times to capture things around you to make blog posts, videos or content on social media. You can ask everyone who have one of these jobs and probably all of them would say they own at least one extra camera battery.

#3: Water bottle

This one might sound a bit weird but oh my god it’s such a life saver! Carrying a filled water bottle while you’re out exploring might be a bit annoying but if you have room in your bag, I recommend bringing it.

I doubt if anyone only takes an hour to sightsee the whole Berlin, that is impossible to achieve cause there’s endless things to see in just one place. This means that you’re constantly walking, at one point you’re going to get quite thirsty (unless you stop for a coffee or meal break) and that’s when you’re going to need water to keep yourself hydrated. It happens a lot more in tropical or hot countries, as you will get dehydrated probably within an hour because of how much you sweat.

This item applies more to travellers who are exploring the local areas or nature where there is little to no access to convenience stores or anywhere that sells bottled water. Yes, it sounds like I’m lecturing you but it’s really important to keep yourself hydrated because you can easily faint or just get easily frustrated when you’re dehydrated… or think about how your breath smells when it hasn’t had much liquid touching your mouth (haha).

PS. When bringing a water bottle, don’t forget to empty it when going through a custom and baggage checking point cause they will throw it away unless it’s been emptied. You can top it up once through it or on the plane!

#4: Drugs

I’m talking prescribed medicines, paracetemols or painkillers, and all that jazz not the illegal kind!

Everyone, especially younger travellers, usually assumes that they’re going to be alright throughout the whole trip whether because it’s a short (less than a week) trip or they haven’t been sick since primary school, but the thing is you don’t know how your immune system work when being in a different environment from your own home. A lot of people travelling to Asia, for instance, usually go through some form of illness from diarrhea (the food might be amazing but maybe the things they put in there might not be as great for your stomach!) to flu.

If you have a painkiller in your luggage, you can just take it and rest for a day to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. I probably sound like a doctor now but all I’m saying is that it’s better safe than sorry!



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