One of The Biggest Christmas Market in Germany

If you’re planning a trip to Germany to see its glorious Christmas markets, then you’ve made a wonderful decision. Now let’s see where this market is shall we?


And the city we’re looking at is…

Frankfurt Christmas Market!


This city’s market is the size (or more like length) of 4 time squares combined! If you think it’s not big enough at least try walking around every single corner of it, cause we tried it and it took us 7 HOURS of non stop walking!

It locates in such a convenient place of the city because it only takes about 15-17 minutes to walk from Frankfurt Am Main train station, or pretty much where Roemerberg square is (right in the central area of Frankfurt).


What to do there?

There are over a hundred stands selling various things from food to decorations to souvenirs.

1. Get yourself some mulled wine

One surprising thing that we found out while we were there was how famous mulled wine is!


They literally sold in every single corner of the market and the amount of people lining up to get mulled wine is absolutely ridiculous! Germany is known for its beer but it was SO DIFFICULT to find local beers from the market that aren’t served in bottles.

One cool thing about mulled wine stands is that they only serve with either actual glasses or mugs not with recycled cups. Each glass costs from 4.5 Euros… yes it sounds expensive for one glass BUT don’t worry because you will get about 2.5 to 3 Euros back once you return the mugs. Quite clever right?

At first we were saying amongst ourselves that people must be really trustworthy here that’s why they serve people with only mugs and glasses… but nooo they already thought this though. On the good side is that you can just take it home with you and not get the 2.5 Euros back!

3. Try their sweets

There are endless amount of sweet stands, from waffles to churros to chocolate covers things.

Two things we recommend are chocolate covered fruits and ginger bread. Yes sounds boring but they’re really the opposite! Just look at the apple covered chocolate snowman in the picture!


The head is made out of a marshmellow covered with white chocolate, and its body is made out of an apple covered with white chocolate and coconut flakes.

What did it taste like?…. LOVELINESS


The gingerbread here aren’t like the ones you find in a grocery store cause they are massive, come in a heart shape and have things written on them like ‘Merry Christmas’ and many more. They can also be a really cute souvenir!

4. Literally spend a whole day there


Like we mentioned before, it took us 7 whole hours to see everything.

The opening hours are 11 am to 9 pm everyday from late November to either December 22nd or 24th. YES, it is called a Christmas market but NO it’s not opened until Christmas day. You can really blame them because they need some time off to spend with family too!

5. Go see the market from above

This one kind of depends on how many people the place decides to take. In Roemerberg square there is a small cathedral where you can go up to its rooftop area that overlooks the whole market (there’s an incredibly long line right beside the place, you can’t miss it!). Unfortunately we were there literally 2 minutes late before they decided not to take on anymore visitors but the view looks amazing! (at least from what the staff showed us).

On the other hand, there is this ancient cathedral not too far away from the market called St. Bartholomew. It’s about 3 Euros entry and you have to go up couple hundred steps of stairs to get to the very top where you will get this view!


The stairs were very dizzying and tiring but what you get from the top is quite worth the energy you put in. It’s also a great way to end your Christmas market tour… unless your feet are sore from walking around for too long.

6. Buy some Christmas presents!


Christmas market is a perfect place to buy your family and friends some presents; firstly because it’s literally before Christmas and secondly it’s affordable. One thing we bought which is quite unique is honey wine. There are in total 2 shops (from the same company) displaying shelves after shelves of honey wine. Weirdly wine is a big thing in Frankfurt, apparently a small town called Bingen locates about an hour and a half away from Frankfurt has its own gigantic vineyard (fun & interesting fact of the day!).

But you can easily find so many unique things from here… also! there is a stand selling ‘rusty’ chocolate. The reason why it’s rusty because they make chocolate into shapes of different objects like screw drivers and other mechanical tools but the rusts are pretty much cocoa powder. It’s really cool and quite tasty!






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2 thoughts on “One of The Biggest Christmas Market in Germany

  1. We really want to visit Christmas markets next year.. Your photos are amazing! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! You definitely should, it’s ansolutely beautiful!

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