What Is Germany Like In Winter?

There are so many things that are different in Germany from North America and the UK, some of them do make sense and some of them really don’t

1. Christmas markets are closed during Christmas


You probably think the same…. um WHAT? It’s called Christmas market but it’s not opened on Christmas Eve nor Christmas day. I guess it makes sense because Christmas is when you’re supposed to be spending time with family so ya it does make sense.

2. Castles and museums are closed


Now this one makes no absolute sense because who doesn’t want to see or take pictures of themselves at a snowy castle! They can actually make so much money out of the picturesque view but instead they decide to do ‘winter pause’ and close the places down from December to January, sometimes even to March! Does anyone have a logical explanation for this?

3. It only snows in the more deserted areas


I wish you luck if you’re going to Frankfurt, Hannover or other bigger cities to see snow because we went to two cities and encounter absolutely no snow. You might have a bit more luck up north but other than that it’s quite difficult. There are places you can go like Harz mountain where all cities within the area are pretty much covered in snow. The place locates about a 30 minute bus ride and an hour train ride from Hannover, where there is also an airport not too far away from the central area.


Places like Harz is quite isolated from civilization that people there might not even speak English and there is probably no train stations in the town that you’re going to stay. The only way is to take a bus for half an hour to let’s say Bad Harzburg if you’re staying at Braunlage.

Just letting you know that Braunlage is a really great place for skiing, however not for beginners otherwise you would end up going down the really slopey hill at 25 miles per hour! and it can get really foggy that you can barely see.

4. Pork is their life

Germany is known for their sausages and all of that meaty dish, and it’s true their sausages are amazing! However… their sausages might be what we call ‘hot dogs’ not the sausages that are raw and take quite a bit to cook. They also have something called Schnitzel which is fried pork which is their signature dish and can be found in nearly every restaurants. There’s also pork knuckles and pork medallions (or pork steak cooked to rare served with mushroom cream and cranberry sauce). Yes all pork, and they’re absolutely delicious!

5. People smoke in pubs

When we first entered one of the pubs we were like… this looks a bit dodgy cause they even allow people to smoke inside but no we were wrong! In Germany everyone is allowed to light their cigarettes inside a pub so don’t worry.

6. Public affection is not as common


One thing we found during the trip is that we were looked at weirdly when we’re too affectionate in public. It seems that German people are quite reserved that we barely saw couples holding hands or kissing, that’s probably why when they see people showing a bit more affection than usual they will give those people some disapproving or ‘why are you doing that in public’ stare. So watch out for that all couple travellers around the globe!

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4 thoughts on “What Is Germany Like In Winter?

  1. I found Germans were pretty reserved too. Thanks for the tips, glad you actually saw some snow. When we went at the end of 2015, Berlin was white!


    1. glad we’re not the only ones, and no problem! that’s really cool, cause when we didn’t see any snow in Frankfurt and Hannover

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good tips! 😃


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