5 Tricks On How To Pack a Carry-On

PS. Most these information are acquired from one of the video’s on compareholidaymoney.com YouTube channel.

Are you someone who has been carrying big suitcases or many suitcases every single trip and is looking to travel lighter? Well these tricks on how to pack a carry-on might help you, and you will probably end up traveling light a lot more often!

1. Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes is a great trick because it saves a lot of space in your bag, if you’ve noticed when you fold your clothes you can only stack so many (probably 4, maximum 6). On the other hand, rolling them allows you to approximately 10 to 12 pieces of clothing while using up the same amount of space as when folding.

The only disadvantage is that your clothes might end up with some creases, if you don’t mind that’s great but if you do what we suggesting doing is rolling some stuff that don’t get creased up easily and fold the ones that you want to keep nice and neat.

2. Transfer liquids to smaller containers

One of the reasons is because you’re not allowed to bring any liquid of more than 100 ml on the plane, they will be thrown away at the luggage check point. What you can do to solve this issue is to buy get yourself some smaller containers designed for traveling; you can easily buy a whole pack for really cheap at a dollar store, poundland or any cosmetic stores.

The thing that we notice about doing this is that you end up saving money as a result. Think about it, unless you’re staying in a 4 star hotel you always end up having to buy your own toiletries when you get to your destination. Let’s say a bottle of shampoo costs $3, that’s already $3 gone… but you still need conditioner, soap, maybe lotion for example, that can cost you up to $15! That can pay for a meal out or a really cheap hostel! Even small bottles of liquid products at the airport shops can cost a fortune if you need a lot of them, probably costs just as much as buying bigger sizes. On the other hand buying a pack of these small containers would probably costs way less.

3. Put things inside shoes

This one depends on how comfortable you are putting some of your stuff inside the shoes. You can easily roll some socks and put them inside and that already saves some more space. If you’ve really run out of space in your luggage but aren’t comfortable with this trick then you can easily put the stuff inside smaller plastic bags then stuff them inside the shoes, just in case the smell in one of your concerns.

4. Bring another bag

You’re allowed to bring another bag with you on the plane as well as the carry on, so do take advantage of this opportunity! And instead of holding a passport, purse, camera all separately might as well put them all in a bag that you can carry with you because it’s so much easier to access all the important stuff when going through a luggage point (as you will have to take al electronics out separately) and a custom.

5. Wear thicker or heavier clothes (winter)

This one saves you when you’re starting to run out of space and discover that you still need to pack some thicker or heavier stuff like winter boots, thick jackets and such. If possible, wear them on the plane because you can always take them out later on if you can really warm. It might be a bit annoying but it’s better than paying for a check-in luggage just because you couldn’t fit all your stuff in one small luggage; might be a better option for someone traveling on a really tight budget!


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