4 Things recommend not doing when traveling

We’re not saying we’re travel experts but there are so many things we’ve found throughout our trips that we recommend not to do for the benefits of you and everyone around. These things actually happened with us so many times that it finally went into our head how much these can make our trips not enjoyable.


1. Plan shorter trips

All of us have done this at least one of our lives, but we’re going to say that it’s super tiring. For instance, if you plan 5 days in Hongkong (just like we did once) that is definitely not enough. Think about it traveling from wherever you are might take from 3 to 10+ hours to Hongkong (that doesn’t include the time it takes for you to get to your hotel, etc.), and that’s already one day gone. Of course you have to consider the time it takes for you to pack, check out of the hotel and get to the airport as well, that might take another day off of your trip… so you’re left with 3 days! It’s definitely impossible to see a lot of things in 3 days!

You won’t even get a chance to even rest because if you tick a day off to relax that will leave you with just 2 days to explore! Planning trips like this is not recommended unless it’s for work or you’re buying a tour package in which case you have no control over your schedule.

Tips: Plan longer trips you won't have to rush and tire yourself out. 
Instead of doing one week trip, try two weeks so you can make room for
a relax time as well!

2. Over plan in a day

Everyone gets really excited when the fly to somewhere for the first time that you can’t help but plan to so many places to go see in one trip. One thing though, it’s super tiring. If probably would think… but it’s eventful and fun… it won’t be after you’ve tried doing that for 2 days or more. You still have to consider the time it takes for you to get from one place to another, as well as the time spending at one place.

It can also get pretty annoying because your days are scheduled as if you’re going on a concert tour that the enjoyment from traveling to another country might be gone since you can’t fully relax.  The point of you being on a vacation or trip is for you to enjoy your time and relax from exhausting time at work.

Tips: Plan to visit one (2 places max) for you to be able to enjoy 
your morning without having to rush or get up super early (unless
you want to)

3. Traveling to too many cities

We did this when we were in Germany because we only planned a trip for one week so we wanted to make the most out of it and plan to visit 3 cities in a week… that was a mistake!

What ended up happening was traveling to places took up HALF of our trip… that could easily be spent on something else. And the cost of transportation  was way too high, that could easily have gone towards a night or two of 3-4 stars hotels instead of train and bus tickets… not only that, we were so exhausted by the time we get to our destination and just end up spending a whole day resting… didn’t even have enough energy to go to a restaurant when we arrived.

Tips: If you plan a week trip, just visit 2 cities max or plan a 2
weeks trip and visit one city each week; this way you can truely
relax and minimize the days for commuting to places

You might think, if I do that then I can’t see very much of a country. One thing though, you can never truly see everything of a country; it’s impossible. Even people who’ve lived for decades in that country would have probably said not they still haven’t had a chance to see EVERY CORNER of it. So just travel in the way that’s best for your mental and physical health, that way the trip will become so enjoyable and memorable for you and your companions.

4. Overpack

You will regret doing this as time goes by. We’re not saying don’t ever use a big luggage, we’re saying don’t pack too much because there are so many disadvantages to it.

  • It’s difficult to travel with when commuting from an airport to your accommodation

Unless you can afford taxis all the time then this is an exception for you. It’s heavy and difficult to carry, so why would you do that to yourself!

  • You risk yourself of paying more for check-in luggages

This doesn’t really matter to bigger airlines that offer 23 to 30 kg of check-in luggages, but it makes a HUGE difference to someone traveling with budget airlines. With some budget airlines, your tickets don’t even include an option to check your bag unless you pay extra (which in most cases costs 25 – 50% of your airfare, ouch!)… so overpacking is not an option.

  • It’s such a hassle when checking out of hotels or accommodation

This might take you way longer than usual to pack everything before you leave to either head to the next city or to the airport to fly back, because there are way too many things to re-pack.

Tips: Travel as light as you can, pack either a carry-on and a 
backpack, or one bigger luggage and a handbag (we mostly recommend a
carry-on especially for travellers who are traveling with budget
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