Things to know about having a weak passport

Not sure how relatable this is to anyone from the US, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries with passports that allow them to travel to most places in the world, but you might a couple things from this post. It’s funny how a lot of people around me in North America and Europe don’t have much clues about how difficult it is for someone, with a Thai passport for instance, to travel to countries except the ones within the continent.

1. Backpacking/last minute travel doesn’t really work

It’s quite difficult and much of a risk for you to say to an embassy that you are backpacking in their country or you haven’t figured out what to do or where to stay in the country yet. If they see that they’re just going to reject your application when applying for a tourist visa.

What an embassy always asks from you include:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight ticket (with a return ticket)
  • All important documents for traveling
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bank statement

Pretty much they have to know where you are throughout the whole trip and when you’re leaving the country so you can’t just go from one hotel or hostel to another to find a place to stay. Also, issuing or considering a visa can take up to two weeks to do so there is no way you can just look up a flight and decide to head to the airport less than a week before.

However, the positive this situation is that it forces you to be organized!

2. No money, no travels

As mentioned earlier, you need to show the embassy the money in your account because they need to know that you are able to finance yourself throughout the whole trip. This however long your visa lasts also depends on your country of residence. For instance if applying for a visa to go to Canada with £2,000 can grant you possibly a year and a half if you’re a UK resident applying for a visa from the UK.

On the other hand if you’re, let’s say, from Asia and you are applying for a visa to travel to the UK, you would need way more than £2,000 to stay for two weeks and be granted a year or two years tourist visa.

To sum it up, you can’t have a visa that lasts long unless you have quite a bit of money in your account; it sucks but that’s just how it is.

3. Visa application fee

Not only you have to have loads of money in your account, you also have to have some spare money for the visa application fee. Some countries charge a fortune; a fee could allow a tourist to stay for 3-5 days in a hostel, it’s just ridiculous. I paid nearly £80 for a Schengen visa to Germany from the UK.

4. Might be rejected from some countries

This doesn’t happen to me personally but it happens to people let’s say from Israel but just can’t in a anyway enter some countries like Iran, Iraq and many more. The thing is Israeli passport is not considered as a weak passport, but because of politics that makes an entrance of Israeli passport holders impossible.


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