Best Travel Card: No More Bad Exchange Rate

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘Why are these exchange rate so terrible!’. This happens a lot more when you look at the rates at the airport because they are beyond terrible! And don’t forget about the ATMs, the rate they give also cannot be forgiven. You either have to put up with this or paying for ‘international transactions’ which would cost way more.

Well guess what… there is a magical object called a ‘WeSwap card’. From someone who’s used this card for two international trips now, it is guaranteed that there is nothing more amazing that this! It’s brilliant from a millennial point of view because the card is controlled fully by a mobile app.

Before reading any further I’m going to tell you from an honest opinion of what this card is so good:

1. I can go cashless and still be fine

2. Instead of having to go find an ATM, I just stay lazy and get the exchange money from my phone

3. My friend has been jealous cause I can be lazy and still get a great exchange rate while they have to walk around to find a good one

This these things sound great to you then let’s get into what this card is, what are its features and what things the app can do!

WARNING: This might change your travel life forever

WeSwap card:

  • Works like a debit card

-Withdraw money and use the card exactly like a debit card just without the international transaction!

-Load money onto the card which can be controlled and tracked by a mobile app, just like when you get a normal debit card from a bank.


Which means getting broke is only couple taps away! Luckily they have contactless limit of 30 so at least when I pay for something big I can soak in the thought that yes I am now officially poor instead of ‘yes, yes, poor, broke, oh well’.

Works globally wherever that accepts Mastercard

Get full control over the card from the app. All you have to do is load a normal debit card onto the app, then swap, swap, swap! And just spend away in whatever country you’ll be in (you’ll be given a pin when you go to My Card –> Get PIN on the app, and you’ll receive it through a text).

PS. You can swap into 18 currencies which gives you the best rates. The rest of the currencies, when you use the card abroad it will be used from your own currency, but don’t worry! WeSwap will convert it for you!

WeSwap app:

  • Similar to a bank mobile app but way more features!

-sign up

Unlike a bank account a sign up for WeSwap card can be done through the app and be verified instantly! Sometimes you will have to submit some documents but that is not at all complicated, and it can easily be done online through emails.

block/unblock card

THIS is one thing that makes WeSwap app even better than mobile banking app. Cause We human tend to do this stupid thing where we lose our cards, so we cancel/block them, then realise they were in our pocket/wallet all this time! Well sucks for us cause now we’re gonna have to wait couple of days for the new one to arrive, and if you’re in another country during that time then… YOU ARE DOOMMMM!

This is why I absolutely love this card, cause if I make that stupid mistake (which is very likely) I can just unblock and continue using it as if nothing ever happened.

-tracking activities

Every time you load, swap or spend, the app will tell you all the activities just like how a mobile banking app would do. It’s important if you’re a broke one like me cause you would want to know where every single penny in your wallet has gone to!

tracking exchange rates

This part of the app helps me plan better as a semi-organised person, the rate tracker. If you click a graph sign on the right of the app page you can look to see when and how much the rate will be on a certain day. The cool thing is that you can choose which currency you want to exchange from to check when it’s gonna go up or down.

So now you won’t have to keep going on google search and go through loads of websites to see when things are going to get expensive! Very convenient especially for a lazy researcher like me, and I’m sure I’m not the only in this world!

can swap into 18 currencies

When you use the app, you’ll see at the end when you swipe to the next currency that says ‘Add wallet’.

This means (like I mentioned before) that you can swap into 18 different currencies with the best rates and keep them there in the ‘wallet’ or pretty much, your card. Just like me who still has my Euro wallet in there with all the spending and swapping I’ve done!

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