2 Types of Travellers: Which One Are You?

You know there are two types of travellers before their flights, there’s the organised and last minute one… let’s see which one you are.

1. Booking

The organised one always book everything at least a month in advance; whether it be hotels, flights, or even some travel destinations. On the other hand, the last minute kind… that already says it all they’re last minute so they’re going to book everything less than a month in advance or do a very last minute trip where you literally book a flight a week before and then go through a huge amount of stress because everything is either too expensive or booked out… unless you really like last minute travel then that’s good for you but we’ll go book everything early, thank you~

2. Learning about the country

It’s nights after nights after nights of researching, watching YouTube videos and reading articles or blog posts about the country to make sure they know every single thing about their destination… probably know more than the actual locals.

If you’re last minute you’ll just say…. “nahhh I’ll learn about it when I get there because real experience is better than what the books say”. To be honest, that is true. A lot of travellers just like to be surprised when they get there rather than knowing everything but then if everyone does that that will put travel bloggers and tours out of business.

3. Packing

The first type will pack everything probably a month early, have a checklist, then double check, triple check and quadruple check the luggage to make sure they’ve got everything. While the last minute type packs everything either a night before cough cough me… or the day of the flight. Then they go through a panic attack or several trips of coming in and out of their room because they’ve forgotten their passports or wallets or something else.

4. On the day of the flight

Alarms after alarms after alarms, they would be awake by 5 am even though their flight is at 11 pm to double check their luggage and flight time, you know which one this is. The other type…. is snoozing away because they need as much rest as possible before heading to the airport, this is a great idea as long as you don’t miss all the alarms.

5. Two hours before flights

The organised one will already be there waiting for the check-in desk to open (which is 2 hours before the flight time) probably already an hour, on the other hand the other one will be living up to their reputation of being last minute. They would be awake 2 hours before the flight and rush to the airport, most cases they would arrive half an hour to an hour before the plane leaves and had to be escorted by staffs at the airport who will take them through a shortcut so you won’t miss the boarding time.

We recommend not doing this because it’s better for you not to go through a heart attack and a headache or potentially waste your money just because you didn’t make it to the flight.

So which one are you?


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