What are the things you can do in Rome, Italy?

There’s a lot of things to do and fill your itinerary when in Rome, Italy. There’s countless of places that you would see on Instagram and Facebook whether it be videos or photos, they’re all beautiful. Well we’re giving some options including things to do around some of the most famous places in Rome all travel bloggers have been to when in Rome, or something more historical but will be amazing to visit.

1. Have some morning gelato at Fontana Di Trevi

Fountain Di Trevi

The reason why we said morning is because any time after 10 am should not be the time for you to visit this place. It literally gets packed like a cheap one direction concert! And if anytime later than noon then it would feel like a showcase of Michael Jackson coming back to life, LITERALLY!

So this should the time for night owls and snoozers to become a morning bird OR you can be squish on a street like tunas in a can.

In Italy there’s countless of fountains where you can throw in some coins and pray for unlimited amount of money, BUT Fontana Di Trevi is probably the biggest one in Rome. You really won’t be disappointed of its beauty, it looks exactly like in photos. And the Italian gelato is something you should eat as much as your stomach can take because there is nothing more glorious to your tongues!

2. Learn weird things about the Colosseum


The Colosseum is very majestic from both the outside and inside, but the initial reason why it was built is a little disturbing…

The romans actually built this stadium to watch people fighting each other to death. Most of the time at the end of each battle the lives of each one who lost the battles would be hanging upon the decision of either the crowd or the rulers basing on the way they fought. And apparently those who only fought in the stadiums were slaves. It’s horrendous because they could die at any moment, and in order for them to survive they either had to kill someone else or try their best to kill someone so the crowd liked them. The more disturbing thing is that all of this happened for an entertainment of the population and its rulers.

They enjoyed watching people fight so much that they had the middle of the Colosseum built to be a massive pool for boats to fight each other. That however ended and became the storage of weapons and aggressive animals (as well as a stage) due to the flood.

Inside the Colosseum Inside the Colosseum

Anyways there’s a lot more about its weird/disturbing history… you have to visit there and find out more! We would rather not spoiling everything!

PS. The entrance costs about £14 per person but if you’re an EU citizen or resident between the age of 17-24 years old then you can enter for £7.

3. Walk your day away at the Roman Forum

Roman Forum

You think the Colosseum is big, well think again! The Roman Forum is probably 3 times bigger! Sadly it’s quite overlooked because the Colosseum is what people are really coming to Rome for. The tourism board must have been very aware of these that they decided to have the option of visiting the Roman Forum when purchasing a ticket for the Colosseum or their other way around. The ticket gives you two days to explore both places, that’s quite a bargain! Also they’re literally 5 to 10 minutes walk from each other.

Inside the Roman Forum

This is the place where the government of the romans were doing their political stuff centuries back (probably why it’s so massive). You really won’t be disappointed of the fascinating sight, so give it a visit!

4. Visit the Vatican City

The place is so amazing it seems like you’re entering another country (literally and you actually are!). The Vatican City must be the world’s smallest ‘country’, because it’s pretty much a big area located in Rome that is full of fascinating infrastructures and rich culture that’s still preserved until today.

It is located near Sant’ Angelo Castle in which you can take either 34 or 982 bus for 11 minutes or walk for 15 minutes. At certain time of the day the bell rings and the popes or nuns would be walking near the border between Rome and the Vatican City. It’s got the biggest architecture that would remind you of Taj Mahal, it’s so big you can’t miss it.

This country is a strange one because it’s a country within a country, it’s also so small you would just consider it a big city and you literally just have to walk in as if it’s a tourist attraction to cross the border! It will confuse and stun you all at the same time but that makes up another reason why you should visit it!

In terms of the visa situation, countries with strong passports can enter Vatican City without requiring a visa. For the rest of us with weak passport, since it’s in a Schengen Area (or pretty much Italy) so you will require a Schengen visa.

5. Discover what Sant’ Angelo Castle is like

This castle is known from the game called ‘AC Brotherhood’ or ‘Assassin’s creed Brotherhood’. Let’s talk about a brief history about this place! So when it was first built it was commissioned by Roman Emperor Hadrian to be pretty much a private burial chamber for him and his family, but later on was built into a fortress and castle for the popes. The popes are ‘fathers’ or pretty much churches higher spiritual leaders. You can also find them at the Vatican City when you visit near the time that the bells of the churches ring!

Just warning you that it’s quite a walk up hundreds of steps!

There is a cafe at the very top where you can try (try is a keyword) to get a spot that overlooks the city of Rome and a bit of Vatican City.

PS. Just don’t think about the price of food when you get there, just think about the view!

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