Things to do around the Amalfi Coast

What are the things you can do around the Amalfi coast?

If you see some of my photos on Instagram you will see that actually around the Amalfi Coast, there’s a lot more to do than just Amalfi. When you get to the area you will see on the map that the Amalfi coast consists of Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, etc. Each of these destinations are half an hour to an hour drive away from the other one (trust me you don’t want to take a public transport; here’s why). But if you are driving I recommend going there early to get yourself a free parking space.

P.S. Those are super expensive places that you need to prepare to spend at least €50 per person a day. This doesn’t include accommodation and such so be prepared.

But I like getting 2 birds in on shot or pretty much I like to spend a smaller amount of money in an expensive place. These ‘things to do around the Amalfi coast will cost you as little as these expensive places can get (from my experience).

1. Spend time on the private beach in Positano

It costs about €17.5 for you to spend all day at the private section of the beach. They provide you with a towel and there’s a public changing rooms, toilets and shower rooms you can use.


Once paid a lifeguard will guide you to your seat and he’s the one who you can order food and get a WiFi password & username from (this is different for each person). YES they actually have their WiFi but no many people know about this and you can use it for a couple hours.

Why is this recommended?

Because believe it or not Positano actually has a bigger and more beautiful private beach area than Amalfi.

And most of the gorgeous photos on Instagram actually come from Positano not as much from an actually town called Amalfi.

Food at the beach is also not as expensive, a box of pizza costs about €10 – €12. But if you really don’t want to pay as much for beach food then buy some sandwiches or snacks with you before you get to central Positano. This is because prices of anything go up by at least twice the price of what you can usually get some cheaper supermarkets.

2. Takeaway during the day, fancy restaurant for evening

I did mention on my last post ‘How to stay two weeks for less than $2,000 in expensive Italy’ ways to save yourself quite a bit of money around the Amalfi coast. One of the ways is to each cheaper by ordering takeaway pizzas or panini that costs no more than €10. This can be applied to literally anywhere in Italy not just these expensive places because Italy gets more lively in the evening.

Most places to eat in Positano as well as Amalfi have the best views usually you’re gonna have to pay at least €16 for the cheapest dish to get one of the really good views. And the most expensive ones are at least €25 per dish, but the scenery is beyond words. So this is the best way to treat yourself, you’re on a holiday so if you can then go for it!

P.S. Book in advance otherwise you won’t get your scenic table!

3. Walk around more in Amalfi than Positano

This might imply that Positano has less to see but this is not true! Positano has a lot to see but it’s pretty hilly compared to Amalfi (cardio workout anyone?). The best things to do in Positano include spending time at a private beach, eat at a nice restaurant and find spots near restaurants to get your pictures taken.

Amalfi on the other hand is compact and most suitable for sightseeing. Since the private beach is smaller it makes sense to not stay there as long and explore more of what Amalfi has to offer. It can take you up to 2 or 3 hours to explore the whole place but it won’t disappoint you.

Amalfi sunset

It’s got more hidden spots and gorgeous restaurants beside them. Also don’t forget to stay there for the sunset because it is a sight not to miss.

4. Watching another sunset in Sorrento while eating pizza

The impression Sorrento gives out to us is that it’s a town where locals live and where tourist come visit for a little bit before heading to Positano and Amalfi.

So what we did and would really recommend doing there is to get a takeaway (it’s even cheaper than Positano and Amalfi), find yourself a bench and enjoy the view while the sun is setting.

Sunset in Sorrento

If you come here with your significant other then this is one of the most romantic things to do. It’s a perfect place because there’s not as many tourists as the rest of towns along the coast, so you can enjoy your peace and quiet.

5. Hire a speed boat in Capri

Right, yes I know it’s one of the most expensive options but this an experience you will regret not doing. And Capri is an island you should not cross out of your list just because of its price. If you plan your trip well it can be cheaper than Positano and Amalfi, this is how we did it.

It costs about €30 an hour and €200 for an all day hire (9.30 am to 6.30 pm), then you have to pay another €35 for fuel. This is the cheapest price you can get and it’s better to book it in advance which can be done by phoning them or visiting them at the stall near where ferry tickets are purchased in Capri.


It’s really worth it because you actually get the whole boat to yourself! You get complete privacy and all the time in the world to enjoy a picturesque and no-editing-needed clear blue water.

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