Is moving to another country worth it?

If you’re planning or thinking about moving to another country to start a new life, to get a new job, to get a better education, etc. You might end up asking yourself whether going to that country is worthwhile… The answer to this question is easy but vague… All I can say is “you won’t know until you’re there”. That’s right. It’s like trying out a new dish, you won’t know what it tastes like until you’ve tried it. Another thing that applies to moving to another country is what you’ve heard of about the country and seen from pictures. The same with food, you’ve heard of it and you’ve smelled it but you don’t know whether they’re actually tasty or not. So the only way to know is to try it or go see it for yourself!

But is it worth it? Is it worth leaving everything I have now behind?

From someone who has done it twice in her life, I can tell you from my experience about this, I can definitely say that it’s life changing.

1. A chance to step out of comfort zone

Not everyone likes to be out of their comfort zones. When you’ve moved to another country you will have to make new friends, get used to a new environment, adapt to a new culture and get used to the food, etc. It’s difficult and it takes time. However by being in a completely new atmosphere it forces you to do something you never thought you could do or you’ve never done before. It is scary and requires guts but the results are quite wonderful.

Vancouver Canada

When I first moved to Canada I was a shy girl who couldn’t really speak English and had no confidence. But by stepping out of my comfort zone and forcing myself to make new friends I was able to become fluent and gain more confidence.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the scariest things and it gets harder with age but once you’re out you’d never want to go back in again. You will actually become quite fearless.

2. Makes you independent and stronger

You have to admit this… Moving to a different country takes courage. It’s like moving to another workplace or school but way harder. You will miss being back home where your family is and the things you miss are. Especially if you’re young you will miss all of those because you think you’re not independent enough to be somewhere on your own without the family’s support. This will force you to become stronger and more independent because it’s either that or a flight back home.

This is like any obstacles in life, you have to go through it to be a strong you. I personally think that if you can pass this obstacle you literally can do anything. Or when you think that it only happens once, then remind yourself that you did this crazy thing of moving to a new country.

3. You will think of your own culture differently

It’s a weird one because when you’ve entered another culture you might actually end up appreciating your own more. I never liked my Thai culture and the country’s environment because I find it too strict and the people are too judgmental towards one another. However after being in a western culture for 6 years (something that is completely different from my own) it makes me realise why my culture was so strict. It was strict because they don’t want people to end up making mistakes then have to start from the bottom instead of half way towards the sky. Just the same way that if someone is about to marry someone’s daughter they would need to provide an offering of a certain amount of money to her parents. It is not because they’re greedy, it’s because they want to make sure the husband can take care of their child financially or that she’s in a good hand. Being in a different environment makes me more understanding of my own, in which I was grateful for.

Some people might get the opposite effect. They might end up not liking their own or even more because of how well the new one is treating them. It totally depends on your experience but I’m sure as time passes you will learn to appreciate your own origin.

These are just some out of millions… SO to answer the question of whether it is worth it to move to another country…. For me IT IS!

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