Can you really be a digital nomad?

This ‘digital nomad’ terms sounds like a new thing and only crazy people would do this… WRONG. We’re living in a generation where you can do everything online, even work online! All you need is your trusted laptop and yourself. Let me tell you that it is possible for anyone, even me because I’m actually doing it right now!

Here are some of the things to think about.

Rent money just goes towards travel accommodation

Snowy Germany

That’s right. Think about it, how much does your rent cost? £800 at least per month (depending on how close to a city we’re talking about). This is what you have to pay anyway, so you can just shift that rent money and spend it on each month’s travel accommodation instead. You might even end up paying less than half of it if staying in cheaper countries where your currency is strong like South East Asia.

Bills, petrol & car + insurance turns to flight & transports

Flight window view

Bills + council tax can cost at least £100 per month. Petrol can suck up more than £100 per month out of your wallet. And think about how much a car cost and its insurance each year. That is over £3,000 spent on things and bills! Can you imagine how many flight tickets you can get with this money???

Time for some maths! Let’s just say you’re traveling to Indonesia and a one way costs £400, you’ve still got £2,600 left to pay flights from Indonesia to the rest of South East Asia and would probably still have some leftover money! From a digital nomad’s perspective, they would choose £3,000 to buy them freedom any day.

Work from laptop ain’t that hard

One thing people seem to think is that ‘I’m not that good to get a freelance job’, ‘I’m not qualified’…. you can imagine what else they would think. Keep in mind that a freelance job is literally just a transition from working in an office to working from home or wherever. It’s like getting a normal job but you just have more freedom. But instead of you working from a computer in an office, you work from a laptop in a beach cafe.

You can also have a conference, businesses do need to contact their clients if they can’t meet one on one so they use Skype to do so. I’m sure your employer or client can do the same too. When it comes to team communication, you can also email each other… no biggie!

Of course when finding this fantastic job opportunity, make sure there is an option for that or your job can actually be completed on a laptop.

People think you’re lazy but you ain’t

Sun setting in Vatican City

There is this perception people have with digital nomads. Some would say

  • “they’re actually trying to avoid life and its responsibilities by going traveling”
  • “having an online job isn’t real, how is that even possible!”

You. name. it. Firstly… NO there is no avoiding life or responsibilities because digital nomads pay the same bills that everyone does just in different ways. Secondly… YES it is possible otherwise the number of digital nomads wouldn’t increase so quickly like this. Jobs that can convert you to a digital nomad includes:

  • Graphic designers
  • Digital marketers (adwords, etc.)
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Journalists
  • Web designers

And. many. many. more.


It’s really that simple, you just need to change your mind set. Instead of thinking that being a digital nomad means you have no base, think of it as you get to have the freedom to be wherever with the same amount of money you need to spend anyway each month on bills!

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