Tips On Being Travellers Even When Back Home

I do my best to travel as frequently as I can. Just like a lot of us who have commitment like a 9-5 job to go to or a university to attend, we can travel another country every month. But I have managed to see quite a lot despite being stationary and get back the feeling that I’m in a different environment.

So what are the do ways to travel even when you’re at home?

Explore Your Backyard

You might think because you’re there everyday it means you’ve seen it all. This actually isn’t true. I lived in Bangkok for 15 years, yet I still don’t know where a lot of tourist photos on Instagram are taken!

One city has more things than you think it has. Just because you take a bus around town everyday doesn’t mean you’ve seen every inch of it.

Take Some Time Out Of Your Routine

This will make your week or day more interesting.

You can dedicate your weekend to visit a town or city nearby. If you want to rest on the weekend then spend an hour in the morning or evening in new places. Take some time traveling to somewhere you’ve never been to in your town. I haven’t been doing this for very long but I already feel like a tourist in my own home. I personally am a big traveller. I never realised this before but if I’m stuck to a routine for too long I get depressed. So doing this gives me something to be excited about because I get to a new place every week.

Research & Go Explore

You’d be shocked to see how many places comes up on the search. When I searched for Oxford, it was so surprising how many there is to see in this small city. These attractions sometimes are hiding in corners or spots that no one really notices.

Once I found them I listed them down and explore it one by one. I said to myself I will not start exploring London or Bath until I’ve completed this list. I kid you not, my list is way longer than I expected it to be. I found 20 attractions just from reading two Oxford travel blogs!

From these alone I can say that it will take me at least a month to go through. Not to mention that I discover more photogenic places to spend time at every single week.

Where to do your research?

  • social media (I prefer Instagram)
  • travel blogs (especially local ones)
  • official city tourism website

These are the ones I do all of my research, and the first two are the most helpful!

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