Things To Watch Out As A Micro-influencer

Not only just big influencers that can make money, micro ones can too. But there are things to watch out for because micro influencers like us are smaller and some brands really like to take advantage of it.

Given Discount Code To Buy & Promote

I experienced this a little too many times. A brand will approach you and said they’re interested in working with you. This definitely will get you going BUT it their message carefully because there’s more to it.

The things they will say to you are:

  • They want you to promote their products
  • They’ll give you a discount code for your followers
  • They’ll also give YOU a discount code if you want to purchase more of their products
  • BUT in order for you to promote their stuff, you have to buy one thing first using their discount code

THIS IS A BIG RED FLAG. Being an influencer or promoting a product DOESNT involve you buying their product first. There are only 2 ways no scammy brands will work with influencers:

  • in kind


  • give you a product and pay you

I can say this because I have had experienced doing both. And YES I don’t have a big following.

When I first worked with a fashion brand they sent me products to review for FREE (including shipping). The second time was then I worked with a travel product brand. They sent me their product and paid me to review their product on my YouTube channel and blog.

Those are the real ones!

Think about it, would brands ask models to buy their product first before doing a promotional content? NO, so this also applies with influencers of all sizes too!

Doing Too Much For In Kind

As I explained before, brands work with you by in kind or paying. Now let’s talk about in-kind.

One thing I learned from my first in-kind experience was that you shouldn’t do too much for the brand. You have to make sure both you and the brand are happy with the amount you are giving each other.

I was asked to write a blog post and post 3-4 photos on Instagram to promote 2 dresses. To me, it was a lot at that time because I even mentioned them in my travel video. I was doing too much for 2 free dresses. But this happened because I was so excited with my first collaboration.

What I could’ve done was to do 1 instagram post for each dress and one blog post promoting both of them. That’s the most I should’ve done!

If you notice, most influencers (especially big ones) promote the brand’s product in one photo, unless paid to do more. So why should you do more just because you’re smaller!

Undercharge Your Service

This is one mistake I still make and can’t get out because I sold my service too short. Don’t undercharge your service, especially if you’re doing a video review. You have to think about the hours you have to put in to get the content.

After all it’s still a job! And you don’t want to be paid too little for it!

All of us are thriving to get better paid jobs so we can pay bills, so think of it like that and charge a bit more.

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