AirBnB vs Hostels: Which One Is Better?

If you’re a frequent traveller or would like to become a more frequent traveller, you would definitely know these two things. AirBnB. Hostels.

Both are cheaper than hotels and give you better options for your stay. But which one is better?

By the way this comes from my own experience while on solo trips and trips with a partner.

I’m going to bullet point things for you before reading further


  • suitable for a low budget traveller
  • great place to meet with other travellers and make friends
  • great for a one-night stay
  • some offers more facilities than hotels & AirBnb (laundry, kitchen, etc.)
  • no privacy
  • share all facilities



  • suitable for couples, families and group travels
  • slightly expensive for a solo traveller but mostly cheaper than hotels
  • monthly options (very cheap beautiful accommodation in Asia)
  • some to full privacy (private room and entire place)
  • expensive for a one-night stay



This is also a no brainer because hostels are wayyyyy cheaper. You can easily get it for €21 a night in Germany while AirBnB costs €40 or more.

The only time hostels cost more than AirBnB is when you book a private room. Surprisingly, each hostel private room costs so much more than an AirBnB apartment MOST of the time!

If you’re traveling alone and on a tight budget then hostels are the way to go. But if you don’t mind paying a little more to have an entire room to yourself then AirBnb is the way to go. You can also choose to rent out just a room in a house or flat on AirBnb too. This will reduce the cost by nearly half.

However, if you’re travelling in pairs or groups then hostels might work. But let’s say you’re a group of 4 and each hostel room costs £20, that’s £80. You can get an AirBnb for that price too, or pay £20 more. One thing though… HOSTELS AREN’T THE BEST FOR COUPLES even though it’s cheaper.


Okay this one we’re gonna have to give it to AirBnB. You’re pretty much renting a whole apartment or house (if you go for ‘entire place’) so it’s definitely more comfortable. Meanwhile with hostels, they mostly have bunk beds. We all know bunk beds aren’t exactly comfortable.

From previous experience (this is quite biased), I like to feel that I’m constantly home when I come back from a day out in another country. Renting out the entire place provides a ‘home’ atmosphere so, for me, AirBnb is always the go to website.


AIRBNB! This still applies even if you’re renting out a private room instead of the whole place. When you’re booking a room, you get the privacy because you’re not sharing it with 3 other people. On the other hand, you just won’t get any privacy because there will be at least 3 more people living in the same space.

If you’re travelling in pairs or groups, AirBnb is the way to go since you will get a whole place to yourself. It’s even better if you’ve got kids, but bringing pets with you isn’t the best idea. Puppies and kitties are adorable but there’s not much options in terms of accommodation. If your searched provided you with 40 accommodation choices, adding ‘pets friendly’ will reduce it down to 5 LEGITIMATELY.


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