How To Have Freedom To Work Anywhere & Travel

I wrote a post “Can you really be a digital nomad” not long ago. It’s proven that people can have the freedom to work and travel because they can be anywhere.

I am a digital nomad myself and I feel very lucky to have the jobs that I do today and be free from a cubicle. So I’m going to tell you how you can have the same freedom.

Learn How To Create Content

I said this because I’m also a blogger and a content creator. These are my other two sources of income.


What you should try learning include photography, filming and both photo & video editing. You don’t have to be an expert, just have to know how to do them. If you can learn Premiere pro and Photoshop, it will open you up to so many more job opportunities.

If visual content is not your thing then you can try writing website content or copywriting. You can easily enroll in a course that allows you to acquire these skills and knowledge (basic understanding of WordPress, for instance).

They are very essential (especially in the online era). If you’re assigned to create content for a company, sometimes they will offer you a choice to work on your laptop. As long as you download or understand how to use these softwares, you can be anywhere and still get the job done.

You can even become a blogger, YouTuber, and many more.

Learn/Be Certified in Google AdWords

This doesn’t have to apply to just Google AdWords.

I was able to do the job I’m doing now is because I’ve got some Google AdWords experience. A job like this doesn’t require anyone to be at an office most of the time. You can just download the tool and use the company’s or marketing agency’s sign in.

But if you’re certified, you can easily become a one-person digital marketing agency and take on clients yourself.

Have Online Portfolios

Screen Shot 2561-10-18 at 6.20.25 PM.png


Having an online portfolio can mean setting up an Instagram page to show off your photography skill. Or it can be a regular online website containing your previous & current work. To establish any of these is important because you don’t know when someone is going to contact you for work. This is most important to blogger, marketers, etc. since your client can be contacting you for collaboration or projects from the other side of the world.

Have More Than One Job (if possible)

Remote work is starting to become more common but it’s not at the stage where a lot of full time jobs can be done from anywhere just yet. You won’t be working more than a 9-5, you’ll just be doing 40 hours a week doing more than one thing. I prefer that more than a 9-5 because it gives me variety and keeps me from banging my head on the laptop out of boredom.

Take On Freelance Projects

If staying with one or two companies is not your thing then this might be. A lot of digital nomads out there are working independently by taking on different projects from different companies. This will give you even more variety than the previous advice.

However, the cons that many of you might not want to go through is to make sure you have constant income. With being an employer (but working remote) for a company, you will have a consistent income stream. This one you have to make sure you have projects lined up one after another, or one project will give you enough to survive when work is scarce.

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