Cheap Food In Bangkok | Less Than $10 A Day

We all know South East Asia is cheap. But do you know ‘how cheap’? When it comes to food, Bangkok is literally one of the best places for it.

So here are ways to spend less than $10 in Bangkok eating the iconic dishes. Some of them might even interest VEGANS and VEGETARIANS out there!


Last year we filmed a short video showing all the food you can get at Aor Tor Kor market in the heart of Bangkok. You can literally last a whole day here!

Fun fact: This market is actually considered an expensive market to the locals, but even that is still cheap for tourists!

  • Papaya salad (som tum)  for $1.86 -$2.29

You might be scratching your head when you hear ‘papaya salad’. I mean… why would anyone want to eat salad in South East Asia?? But this is ACTUALLY what the locals LOVEEE to eat. You can ask them to make it suitable to your taste buds and preferences.

PS. One good thing about most food in Bangkok is that you can ask them to spice your order to the taste you prefer.

The dish has papaya, tomatoes, fish sauce, lime, chillies, crabs and other exotic ingredients depending on the one you order. You can get this from mostly anywhere and it ranges from $1.50 to $2.29 (you’d have to be eating an quite an expensive place to get a $2+ papaya salad).

  • Stick rice & mango for $1.33 – $2

I never knew how famous this dish is until I talked to everyone that knows about Bangkok. Most of them are aware of this dessert. As much as desserts are not recommended in a healthy lifestyle, I don’t think anyone will refuse mango and sticky rice when it’s in front of them.

This dessert has sticky rice, coconut milk, palm sugar, mango and sesame seeds. Oh and it’s VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY! And again, you’d have to be ordering this from a more expensive market to pay $2+ for this).

Restaurants Or Food Stalls

I don’t know where you have been because literally EVERYONE has heard of pad thai. You can order this at most markets and restaurants. This can be suitable for vegetarians because they can just remove meat from your dish.

The ingredients consist of tamarind sauce, special pad thai noodles, eggs, meat (mostly shrimps), tofu, green onions, dry shrimps, bean sprouts, fish sauce, palm sugar, and other ingredients to make the sauce.

  • Tom yum for $2 – $2.67

Tom yum has become slightly more expensive because it’s gotten so famous. You will find a lot of restaurants selling it on the menu.

Thailand has so many variety of tom yum dishes. We even have tom yum noodle soup for less than $2.


Image by

Bangkok even offers tom yum fried rice for $2 – $2.3 if you’re interested!


Image by maeban

The ingredients for tom yum by itself includes chillies, kaffir leaves, lemon grass, galangal, shrimp or chicken, fish sauce, sugar, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, milk (some do contain milk) and onions.

While the soup and fried rice are slightly less complex. The soup contains pork broth, fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, meat of choice (mostly pork and liver), dried shrimps, noodles of choice bean sprouts and green onions as toppings.

For fried rice, it contains rice (very obvious), prawn, fish sauce, chilli paste, sugar, seasoning sauce, and extra toppings like salted eggs depending on the restaurants choice.





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