London Instagram Cafe Reviews: Peggy Porschen

Cafes have always been one of the best places to take photos for Instagram. If you follow at least one female influencer on Instagram, you probably have come across a photo like this once.


Cafes like this can be found in every corner of London (literally). That’s why we have decided we’re going to explore these “instafamous” locations to see if they’re as good as advertised and why people are attracted to them.

First location in London is Peggy Porschen.


It’s so easy to find. From outside of the Victoria coach station, just turn left or walk away from the junction, and you will see a pink cafe the next little junction. The first thing you will see is a crowd of people outside a bright pink store. You can’t miss it!


It’s no surprise why it’s become so famous, the aesthetic of this place is amazing and it looks exactly the same as photos you see on Instagram.

London cafe: Peggy Porschen

When we were there, we had a choice to sit outside or wait quite a while in order to sit inside as the place was full. It definitely was not that busy, but the place itself was really small. If you walked inside you will see that there isn’t much room to walk around as you are literally 3 steps away from the cashier once you get up from your seats.

Service & atmosphere

The waiter didn’t seem that friendly, but staffs behind the counter were. We guessed that a packed cafe was the reason.

In terms of the atmosphere, we felt intruded by a lot of women taking photos of the cafe when sat outside (especially if you sit close to the entrance). This probably wasn’t the best place to sit and do some work, not even sure about using this place as a meet up location either.

Food & drinks

All their cakes and drinks have the cute, yet simple, decorations.

London cafe: Peggy Porschen

In terms of tastes… where to begin. We ordered chocolate cupcake and it was quite sweet; sweet enough to give one diabetes we would say.

For drinks, we ordered hot chocolate and it was bitter and sweet. It’s as if they have used too much pure cocoa powder. Also, when added marshmallows to weaken the bitterness, it just didn’t go well. It really wasn’t a good blend. However, we would recommend it for someone who likes their drinks strong and slightly on a bitter side, even for a hot chocolate.

One thing that was most shocking was the price. An order of a regular hot chocolate and a piece of cupcake costs roughly £17 or $22! They definitely includes the expenses for the store decorations in their food prices. This price can afford you a nice meal at a restaurant in London!

We overheard a group of guys who bought a box, or 6 pieces, of cupcakes and they complained about how expensive they were; £50-£60 ($65-$78) to be exact.


cafe 2.jpg


  • Photogenic: cutest decorations, great pictures in every angle
  • Food decorations are just as good


  • Small interior, not that many seats in general
  • Food and drinks aren’t the best
  • Exaggerated prices
  • Busy, hard to find quiet areas


To be honest, visiting Peggy Porschen wasn’t that worth it, unless you can find the time when the cafe is emptier. It seems that it’s better if you just go there to take photos and leave. However, if you really want to sit down and have some coffee here, then we recommend only have a cup of coffee and that is all because drinks are slightly more reasonably priced. It’s not worth paying £11 or $14 for a cupcake that aren’t satisfying.


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