Turkey: Luxurious Meals with Less Than $50 A Day

This is one of the places you can feast to whenever your heart and stomach desire. We were spending carelessly, yet we still ended up paying less than $50 a day. We ended up going to Cappadocia and we still didn’t spend more than $50!

We will give you some overview of prices for everything in Turkey, from cheapest you can find to most expensive ones at some of the most luxurious places in the areas. Let’s see how much everything is:


Food everywhere is delicious, you have to try their kebab with beef and lamb. Turkey really knows how to cook their meat!

Snacks & Appetizer (cheapest – most expensive) = $0.7 – $4.3

When you walk to Hagia Sophia, there will be a small food truck selling something that look like pretzels, it’s called “Simit”.

This costs 4 TL each or $0.7, and it’s big! You can ask for them to put nutella in the pretzel or just have it plain, there are quite a bit of choices.

Other appetizers such as soup usually don’t cost more than 25 TL or $4.3 (This price is from a 5-star restaurant in one of Istanbul’s most expensive hotels, so if you get it from somewhere else, the price can go down by more than half)

Breakfast (cheapest – most expensive) = up to $6.54

One of the most traditional Turkish breakfast you can find is “Menemen”, or a one-pan egg and tomatoes dish cooked with various spices.

If you order it at restaurants near tourist attractions like Hagia Sophia then it will cost between 18 – 23 TL or $3.1 – $3.96 (if you go somewhere else further from the famous attraction areas then the price will go down by quite a lot).

If you have it with a fresh orange juice then it totals up to 38 TL or $6.54 (again we did not care where we spent our money).

Lunch (cheapest – most expensive) = $2.06 – $6.02

You can easily get a burger from a small store in Istanbul for 10 TL and add a bottle of water with it will cost 12 TL or $2.06. 

Or you can visit a small kebab restaurant and your meal will cost between 30 – 35 TL or $5.16 – $6.02. A meal will consist of a big skewer of meat with rice and vegetables, and a bottle of water or soda of choice.

2 – 3 Course Meal for Dinner (cheapest – most expensive) = $5.33 – $35.14

Dinner will be the highlight of your day in Turkey. You have to visit a famous or traditional Turkish kebab at least once on the trip, and try ordering lamb once. They really cook those meat to perfection!

We went to expensive places for dinner the whole time we were there, so you will get to see the more ‘expensive’ side of Turkey (it’s not really pricey like you’d imagine).

Small appetizers with different dippings and some naan-looking bread. For the main course, you can get 2 big skewers of kebab-style chicken, rice, dipping, tortillas and a drink of choice. These cost 31 TL or $5.33.

If you order beef or lamb, then it totals up to 50 TL or $8.60, but they provide you with two different kind of meat and the portion is slightly bigger than chicken kebab.

This is one of the oldest Turkish restaurants in Cappadocia and our 2-3 course meal dinner cost us 118 TL each (split between 4) or $20.31 each.

Now, let’s explore the 5-star restaurant in Istanbul, shall we?

This place is called Seven Hill Restaurant, it’s located at the top of Seven Hill hotel and near Hagia Sophia. We ordered one of their most expensive seafood dish which can only be cooked once you’ve ordered. We also ordered calamari, a dish that looks like a stir fry beef, Turkish fried rice and a bottle of fairly expensive wine.

  • Expensive fish
  • Calamari
  • Stir fry beef
  • Fried rice
  • Expensive wine
  • Bottle of water

Totals = 204 TL each person (split between 4 people) or $35.14

We don’t know about you but if we get this in the US or UK, this meal will cost at least $100!

Dessert (cheapest – most expensive) = $1.72 – 

The most famous dessert in Turkey (beside Turkish delights) is nothing other than Turkish ice cream! It’s sticky, the texture is like combining ice cream and marshmallow. When it comes to taste, it’s very similar to gelato of Italy but slightly milkier. It’s a perfect dessert creation!

A big cone will cost you 10 TL or $1.72.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit dine-in dessert shops in Istanbul. They have a crazy selection of cool desserts. Most items have great combination of warm and cold sweet dessert.

You will find a lot of them have nut ingredients such as pistachios, so be careful if you have nut allergies!


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